Hi, I’m Colie

Storyteller – Techie – Traveler– Olympic Binge Watcher

I'm mother to a child who tests my boundaries every day, and wife to a man who drives me crazy. We live in one of the best places on earth; but my husband had to drag my ass here, kicking and screaming the whole way. This is me. The kind of person who can honestly say: You take your life into your own hands if you talk to me before I've had my coffee. The kind of person who never turns down a martini, Thai food, or dessert.


Life is good.

Image Credit: My Partner-in-Crime (James)

Image Credit: KM Photography

Yes, I get a yearly family session too!

My family video created by the amazing Kayla Maltese Photography

Who I am

I’m Colie. My friends would describe me as loud, loving, protective, but you can decide for yourself when we meet. I've always filled boxes with personal images and documented stories. I wear many hats in this phase of my life: storyteller, educator, traveler, wife, and mother. Each is important to me and makes my heart full. Finding balance between them and appreciating the role each of them plays in my life is a continual struggle, but it gives me purpose. Are you familiar?

What drives me

I come to Colorado by way of Texas & Michigan. No matter where we call home I will forever be grateful for this place where my family has grown, my marriage has gotten stronger, and I am able to meet so many amazing families. It is a gift for me to be able to come to your house, immerse myself in your everyday chaos, and find the beauty in your family unit. Everybody has a story. You will see many stories of beautiful families on my blog, including my own, but that is not YOUR story. I encourage you to explore your heart and allow me to tell yours by letting down your guard and just being present in the moment. It will be filled with images that are authentic, honest, and true to you. I ask some questions of you beforehand, but the real connections begin when I am inside your space.

Game day

I show up to your house, maybe in the outfit you see above with my hair in the same “Anna braids” as Chloe would say, ready to get down on the floor with your kids. I believe in being comfortable and encourage all my clients to be as comfortable as they can be for their session. Let the kids dress themselves and wear something that makes you feel beautiful. No need to offer me some coffee, I always bring my own. Coffee is the only way I function and after you submit your session agreement I have already looked up the nearest Starbucks to your house so I can stop the day of the session. If you want me to bring you one too just let me know!