I am not a very humble person, my mama didn't raise me that way.

Let me introduce myself, I'm Colie. You likely landed on my website because I am the best at what I do, period. Maybe you know someone I filmed or perhaps you googled Documentary Family Photographer and my website was linked on page 1. Whatever the reason, I am thrilled you are here. Pay attention to this page because it's all about ME, while the rest of the website is about showing you what I have done for other people.


It is important that I be someone you wouldn't mind having a drink with. No, having an actual martini with me isn't a requirement for booking a session, BUT this is likely to blossom into a long-term relationship as I document my clients year after year. My superpower is making sessions so much fun that your kids will ask when I am coming over again. It's a waste of all of our time if you go into this thinking it will be a one-night stand.


My Favorite People

That's me and my favorite people in the world. A 9-year old that tests my boundaries every single day and my life partner who drives me absolutely crazy when he asks "what's for dinner". We live in one of the best places on earth, Colorado if I need to qualify the statement; but my husband had to drag my ass here, kicking and screaming the whole way. I require coffee to be civil, so please don't talk to me before I've had at least one cup. Other than that, let's see if we can be friends!

Image by Krissy Vance

21 years and counting....

My Epic Love Story really includes all the people on this page, but let's start with my life partner. James and I met in college, married young, endured two cross-country moves, a gazillion years of graduate school, and came out on the other side of 8 years of infertility with Chloe. It took the first half of our marriage to work out the kinks, but the last 10 years have been pretty magical.


Things that make our marriage work: a housekeeper, separate bathrooms, and he does the dishes. We also try not to go to bed angry and always put our marriage/family first, period. I don't sugarcoat it, marriage is hard. Raising a family is hard and all three of us being Leos just makes it harder. There is a lot of #sideeye in our house.


I also take nothing for granted and this is perhaps why I am so good at coming into the homes of strangers and showing them the amazing life + family they have. Kiss the people you love every chance you get and take all the photos you can.


everybody needs a family film... yes, me included.

My family video created by the amazing Kayla Maltese Photography. I gotta be honest, while I really enjoy watching our family films these are really for Chloe and my future grandchildren. Her children won't have to imagine what it was like when mommy was little, they can see it in color.

Disney is my happy place!!!

I am totally "indoorsy" but Disneyland is the exception. James thinks it is all overrated and overpriced, so we often go without him. My sister and niece are happy to tag along. GIRLS' TRIP!


Disney is also on my bucket list for a documentary family session SO if you want me to tag along for your next vacation, we should chat!

Images by Tika Davis