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40 and Fabulous | Boulder Family Photographer

Happy birthday to me.

When the clock struck midnight here in Colorado my phone immediately started to ring.  It was my mom, sister, and niece calling to wish me a happy birthday from their vacation in D.C.  Jackie is always the first to wish me a happy birthday seeing how she is the night owl of the family.

I have been thinking about this birthday for a long time. 40 seems like a milestone birthday, but then I realized all my monumental birthdays have been the year AFTER the decade.  On my 21st birthday, I was getting ready to graduate college the next day.  Being of “legal” age doesn’t mean a lot when you have been in college for 4 years prior LOL.  While my 30th birthday brought me an awesome Hawaiian vacation and the purchase of our home, it was two weeks after my 31st birthday when Chloe finally decided to join the outside world.  So while I am excited to see what year 40 brings me, history has shown 41 might be better 😉

So what are my big plans today?  I booked myself a photo session, despite having one last month in San Diego with Kayla Maltese.  I just thought it might be AWESOME to have someone taking pictures on my actual birthday.  Next year for Chloe’s 10th birthday I might just book our first full Day in the Life session.  As you can see, I actually like photo sessions from either side of the lens.

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