30 second elevator pitch to hire Colie

They say the average person spends less than 30 seconds on a website before they decide to continue browsing/buy or to leave. There is so much information to consume on this site I wanted to bottom line it for you here.

My sessions are stress-free and fun.

The entire objective of my sessions is to film (and photograph) you doing the things you love with your family. We eliminate the most stressful aspects of a portrait session by only asking your family be themselves. Most common feedback I hear when I deliver galleries is "You captured us perfectly, this is so us." #irockatmyjob

I love making new friends.

If you are worried about how your family will act during your session, don't. It's seriously a waste of your time because making your children and partner/spouse my new best friends is just part of the process. Get your memories documented that you will treasure forever and your family will look forward to the next one. #pinkypromise

I make awesome films.

The family films I create bring your family memories to life. Seeing and hearing their giggles or the moment your children meet for the first time is always worth of #happytears. If you haven't considered video for your session please view a few of my favorites. Honestly the #1 reason you hire me over another photographer is the family video. #tissuesrequired


Interested in learning more?

Not everyone wants their everyday, guaranteed-to-make-you-cry-happy-tears moments documented. But if you treasure those memories, click the links below to learn more. I'll bet you love it so much you'll come back for seconds.